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Volunteers In The Army Of The Lord.

When working with those who are volunteers in the church, it’s important to remember a few things.  Consider these…  

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Investing The Talents

Investing The Talents   The following is an article being shared with the Indiana Trumpet.  You might want to place

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Why People Give To Nonprofit Organizations

The following are the results of a poll given by the Barna Research Group.  It may shed some light as

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Shared Values Make A Difference

People work better when they are working towards the same goal.  When agendas or expectations differ, confusion often wins over

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Why Do People Leave The Church?

Knowing some answers to this question can not only keep a church from losing some great people, but will also

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The Work Of The Connector

In his book, The Turning Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes the work of the connector.  The connectors he explains are important

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Sustaining Hope: First Steps/Next Steps

What does sustaining hope mean to you?   We live in a world of epidemic uncertainty from politics to the

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When No One Cares Who Gets The Credit.

There is no limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.  It is important

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The Ideal Mentor Always…

1.  Tells you the truth – even when it hurts.  One man who has been one of my mentors for

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Can You Turn a Loser into a Leader? Part 1

Part One: "Not on your own, but with God's help you can!" Luke 1:37 37 For with God nothing shall

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How To Gain Loyalty

Some of the things you can do in your own congregation to rectify any lack of loyalty are: 1. Teach

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New Wineskins – “I Hate Change”

     The world is rapidly changing. The church must change to meet the challenge, by changing methods, structures, and strategies.

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