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A Leader’s Courage – An Honest Look

Fear can and will keep many good leaders from becoming great leaders. Many mountain climbers have stood at the base

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To Be An Effective Leader

In his book The Next Generation Leader, Andy Stanley offers 5 valid points to consider if you desire to be

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When They’ve Heard It All Before

How do we preach to those who have heard it all? Here are seven ingredients: Round out Bible characters. For

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Connecting With People

If you desire for people to follow you, you have to connect with them.  The catalyst of your relationship with

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The 15 Vital Traits For Leaders

What are the characteristics of top leaders? Why are some leaders so effective while others struggle? Listed are 15 vital

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Leadership Defined

“You know you are a leader if you look behind you and people are following you.”  There are many leaders

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Leadership’s Limitations

In this unpredictable and changing world, the one thing we can always control is the way we think. While we

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Why Churches Close

There are a number of reasons why a church may decline and confront the prospect of ministry death.  Some of

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Think About It…

Think About It...  If you think your people are negative, then you better check your attitude. The better leader you

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Leadership Training

How important is it? Consider this. Early in Jesus’ ministry, he chose out 12 men who would become his disciples.

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The Healthy Pastoral Leader

In his research of leaders, both historical and contemporary, author Robert Clinton found that few leaders actually finish the race

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Tired Of The Results You Are Seeing?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you are not pleased with the

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