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Your Life and Ministry Is A Balancing Act

Balance in life does not come naturally.  For many of us, our lives are lived in extremes.  Incredible things happen

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Money Matters – A Families Involvement In The Budget

Developing and maintaining a budget is a FAMILY AFFAIR.  If you are married, you must work together.  If you have

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Money Matters – Why A Budget?

A budget is the tool provided in accounting terms that gives us the proper indication of how we stand in

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Money Matters – Stewardship Is Critical

God provides for us so that we might in turn protect what he has given us.  Our God entrusts us

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Money Matters – Why Do We Work

There are reasons that we have to work.  Listed are some brief reasons that we are to work and the

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Money Matters – The Attitude Behind Budget

One of the top reasons that so many people, including Christians, fail at budgeting is simply attitude.  It a person

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Money Matters – Is Money A Blessing Or Curse?

Why is it that so many Christians who are working are not doing well financially?  Unfortunately too many Christians are

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Money Matters – Christian Expectations

Too often people are afraid to budget because it seems to be more trouble than it is worth.  However, a

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Money Matters – Basic Causes Of Financial Difficulties

Most people have problems with finances, but they just don’t know why. According to the latest surveys, over one-half of

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Tax Time! – What is a Ministerial Housing Allowance?

Any licensed or ordained minister in the U.S. who performs ministerial duties and who is employed by the church qualifies

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12 Fatal Church Leadership Errors

The 1st Fatal Error:  No Clearly Defined Mission or Purpose If people do not know and can’t offer a simple

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10 Steps To An Empowered Team

Are you struggling to get things done?  Are you the one who is usually completing the projects of your church

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