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How Small Groups Strengthen Your Church

How Small Groups Strengthen Your Church There are two essential elements of community. 1) Interpersonal Commitments 2) A Sense of

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5 Reasons Why Every Church Should Use Job Descriptions

5 reasons why every church should use Job descriptions. To give clear understanding of the ministry role. Having a well

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Why use sermon graphics in church? Do you want your church to hear your message or remember it? Have you

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Why Use Graphics In Church

A picture paints a thousand words’ is a phrase we perhaps imagine as having proverbial origins. It is, however, an

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Finding God’s Amazing Will For Your Life And Ministry

The Difference Between Called and Chosen The Scriptures declare that God has a higher purpose and calling for every person.

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Worship Team Checklist For A Powerful, Spirit Filled Service

There is nothing in the world that can compare to a Spirit filled worship service. When guests come to your

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Are Signs Of Organizational Dysfunction Destroying Your Church’s Potential?

Is your Christian church or organization dysfunctional? It could be, and there are many definite ways to know for sure. 

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A Leader’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic is both a national and international crisis. The health and economic impact is potentially unprecedented. Pastors are

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Grow Your Church With Social Media

When using a church website or social media platform there are a few things that you have to do right

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Perception of the Church in a Social Media Driven World

How people perceive you greatly influences whether or not they will receive what you have to say. In the day

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Free Sermon

Is It My Turn Yet?   Haven’t you always wanted to be a part of a winning team?   Isn’t

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Does Your Preaching Change Lives or Tickle Ears?

While musing on the things of God, my thoughts began to ponder modern day pulpit preaching in churches and gatherings

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