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More than ever, church leaders need encouragement and direction as they lead their congregations toward growth. Here you will find hundreds of blog articles that will inspire and challenge you as you build your ministry.


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Navigating the Path to Church Growth: The Significance of Greeter Team Signage

The question of whether it’s important for our church’s greeter team to have signage is indeed relevant to church growth and the overall welcoming atmosphere […]

When Family and Faith Collide: Leading Through Personal Struggles

Recently a Pastor reached out to me with this question, “I pastor a good church and love helping people grow closer to the Lord. Although […]

Unshakable Hope in Shaking Times: Finding God’s Victory Amidst Global Turmoil

As we observe the current events unfolding in Israel and Gaza, it is essential to address the feelings of unease and apprehension that may arise […]

10 Things Every Worship Team Needs To Know:  Elevating Your Worship Team Beyond Performance to Welcoming God's Presence

As a leader of God’s church, it’s vital to ground your worship team in the scriptural foundation of worship. This foundational understanding sets the stage […]

When War Meets Theology: Navigating the Complex Waters of Prophetic Events and Human Suffering

As Pastors and Church Leaders, we’re all well-acquainted with the transformative power of God’s Word. It can heal, comfort, and give direction for our congregations. […]

From New Attendee to Ministry Leader: Unearthing Hidden Potential in the Pews

Several years ago, I was speaking at a certain church. As I entered the building, a well-kept young man named Charles introduced himself. He handed […]

Empowering Transformation: How Pastors Can Raise Remarkable Leaders in Their Churches

It’s truly remarkable how people can blossom when their pastor places their faith in them. This transformation often occurs when someone they deeply respect, such […]

Multiplying Leadership: Following Jesus' Blueprint for Church Growth

Equipping and nurturing other leaders within the church is arguably the most effective strategy to grow a congregation. When you introduce another individual to your […]

From Small Beginnings to Kingdom Impact: Cultivating Faithful Leaders in Your Church

Many of the Bible’s greatest leaders began their journeys with seemingly insignificant roles. The concept of faithfulness in the small things is not only a […]

The Power of Early Planning: Why Pastors Should Start Preparing Their Christmas Sermons in October

As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, we find ourselves approaching the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas. For pastors, Christmas […]

Is Your Vision Large Enough

There’s a difference between leadership and management.  Management consists primarily of three things:  analysis, problem solving and planning.  If you go to any management course, […]

Eight Ways to Save Time

Do you ever wonder how you are going to have enough time to complete everything you need to complete? Create more time each week with […]
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