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More than ever, church leaders need encouragement and direction as they lead their congregations toward growth. Here you will find hundreds of blog articles that will inspire and challenge you as you build your ministry.


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Is Your Vision Large Enough

There’s a difference between leadership and management.  Management consists primarily of three things:  analysis, problem solving and planning.  If you go to any management course, […]

Principles To Guide Your Life & Ministry

Do you often wonder what the habits are of other highly productive pastors and leaders? We often beat ourselves up dwelling on all the ways […]

Eight Ways to Save Time

Do you ever wonder how you are going to have enough time to complete everything you need to complete? Create more time each week with […]


I frequently converse with ministers and business leaders who are overwhelmed. They need help and I have solutions. I am good at what I do. […]

Are You Taking Care Of Your Home?

There is truth in the saying that you live life in forward motion but you understand it looking backward. I know for myself I would […]

Kingdom Building

In one of our recent family devotions, my wife and I sat our three children down to talk about the importance of ‘family.‘ We do […]

10 Tips For Leading Change

1. Define and understand your own reaction to change in order to compare it to the reactions of others. Even the happiest of changes may […]

Fish Bowl Mentality

Few people will deny the theory that a local church stops growing as the size of the church building reaches 80% capacity.  The reason for […]

Small Groups - Helping close the back door

“A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.” Prov 18:19 Bob […]

Perception of the Church in a Social Media Driven World

How people perceive you greatly influences whether or not they will receive what you have to say. In the day that we are living, it […]

The Cycle Of Civilization

The Eight Phases of the Cycle Of Civilization Is your church becoming stagnant? There is a cycle of the rise and fall of the greatest […]

10 Steps To An Empowered Team

Are you struggling to get things done?  Are you the one who is usually completing the projects of your church and overseeing every ministry?  Does […]
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