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More than ever, church leaders need encouragement and direction as they lead their congregations toward growth. Here you will find hundreds of blog articles that will inspire and challenge you as you build your ministry.


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How Small Groups Strengthen Your Church

How Small Groups Strengthen Your Church There are two essential elements of community. 1) Interpersonal Commitments 2) A Sense of Belonging.  True community needs both […]

5 Reasons Why Every Church Should Use Job Descriptions

5 reasons why every church should use Job descriptions. To give clear understanding of the ministry role. Having a well thought out, detailed and concise […]


Why use sermon graphics in church? Do you want your church to hear your message or remember it? Have you every heard the cliché, “A […]

Why Use Graphics In Church

A picture paints a thousand words’ is a phrase we perhaps imagine as having proverbial origins. It is, however, an amalgamation of two phrases from […]

Finding God's Amazing Will For Your Life And Ministry

The Difference Between Called and Chosen The Scriptures declare that God has a higher purpose and calling for every person. Finding God’s amazing will for […]

Worship Team Checklist For A Powerful, Spirit Filled Service

Here’s a Worship Team Checklist that every church needs in order to have a Powerful, Spirit filled worship service. There is nothing in the world […]

Are Signs Of Organizational Dysfunction Destroying Your Church's Potential?

Is your Christian church or organization dysfunctional? It could be, and there are many definite ways to know for sure.  A dysfunctional body of any […]

A Leader's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic is both a national and international crisis. The health and economic impact is potentially unprecedented. Pastors are besieged with questions they themselves […]

Grow Your Church With Social Media

When using a church website or social media platform there are a few things that you have to do right and you have to do […]

Free Sermon Outline

We hope this free sermon outline will be a blessing to your ministry today.   Is It My Turn Yet? Haven’t you always wanted to […]

Does Your Preaching Change Lives or Tickle Ears?

While musing on the things of God, my thoughts began to ponder modern day pulpit preaching in churches and gatherings around the world. I thought […]

Money Matters - A Families Involvement In The Budget

Developing and maintaining a budget is a FAMILY AFFAIR.  If you are married, you must work together.  If you have children, this is the proper […]
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