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Are You Taking Care Of Your Home?

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There is truth in the saying that you live life in forward motion but you understand it looking backward. I know for myself I would certainly have done many things differently had I the opportunity to do things all over again. However, like everyone else, you only get one chance at this circle of life.

Those who have a teaching father or mentor have an inside edge on doing things right the first time . . . if they have the willingness to listen and apply Godly advice to their life and decisions. Unfortunately, such is not the case for most individuals.

Leaders are a unique breed. They are fueled by passion. They feed off the energy of accomplishment. The adrenaline can be addictive. It is not uncommon for leaders to be so enraptured by the doing that they lose track of their state of being. Many people who succeed at leadership therefore fail at the more important things in life such as family and personal development.

The scripture asks, “And what shall a man profit if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

The best time to consider the impact of leadership upon you and your family is now. It cannot wait any longer. Today needs to be the day that you do what is best for those you love the most.

Ponder this sobering thought. At the end of your days who will be there to weep over you? Who will carry you to your final resting place? Who will bury you and weep afterward over regrets and missed opportunities? The answer is your family. It won’t be those you neglected your family for.

Ponder another sobering thought. If your spouse or one of your children died today would you bury them with regrets over missed opportunities? If you are like most leaders the answer probably is yes. Please don’t say this can’t happen to you. It can.

A few years ago I landed at a large airport. Soon after deboarding I noticed multiple ministry colleagues in the area. As I spoke to them they informed me they were there to meet another colleague who had been on an overseas mission trip. He was to land soon and they had to give him the sad news. His wife was killed in a tragic automobile accident on her way to the airport that day to pick her husband up from his missions trip.

That could have been me or perhaps you receiving the news that day.

Please consider the following points from my own heart to yours:

  1. Block time out on your daily schedule and commit it to those you love. Yes, you do have the time to do that. Find it.
  2. Don’t just limit it to casual conversation such as hello, how was your day or how are you feeling? Be creative. Learn to converse. Learn to interact.
  3. Make those you love priority number one. Allow your career as a leader to succeed because of your number one priority.
  4. Take time for yourself. Exercise, study, spiritual time, hobbies, and such are worthwhile over the long term.
  5. Honor God with your devotion and time. You cannot allow “success” or “pressure” to replace God.

Your family and God must take priority over career. I promise you that the healthier those two priorities are the more effective your leadership will be.

I encourage you to pause sometime today for at least five minutes and consider what I have written. Act upon it after thinking about it. You will never regret taking care of your home.

By: Fred Childs