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Are You Ready? -

Are You Ready?

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People in every community are in need of healing and restoration. “Are You Ready for Your Healing?” is a tremendous tool to help you connect those individuals in your community to Jesus. The lessons in this series are designed to teach people the faith-building Biblical truths about God’s ability to heal the body, mind, emotions, and even your past. It unveils many common barriers, misperceptions, and hindrances to healing and provides truths and insights as to how God really works.

We have developed a complete DVD series that allows you to invite people who need healing to attend in either a small group or church group setting. This series does the teaching for you and produces lasting results.

The Complete Teaching Lesson Set includes:

  • A series of 14 lessons. The first lesson is to be taught by the pastor or facilitator. It simply informs the participants of what to expect and how to participate in the course. The following 13 lessons are taught live on DVD by the author, Dr. Fred Childs. Each lesson ends with a faith-building testimony of healing related to that particular topic, followed by the author and the series producer James Smith praying for the audience; which opens the door for you to pray with the people.
  • One printed copy of the Are You Ready for Your Healing? Book
  • An E-copy of the book
  • A hard copy of the student lesson plans
  • An E-copy of the student lesson plans for easy duplication

Your investment in this series is one that can be used over and over again and in various settings.

It is a tremendous series to use in:

  • Ministerial development
  • Whole Church gatherings as a series
  • Small Groups as a series
  • Nursing Homes
  • Community Educational settings
  • In the homes of people with physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental needs of healing
  • As a faith builder for individuals going through a health crisis

Click Here for The Complete Teaching Set.


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