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Are You Ready For Your Healing?

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Have You Been Praying that God Would Restore Someone’s Health…

But with No Answer? 

Many have prayed for healing and felt like their prayers landed on deaf ears. It can be frustrating. It can wear your faith down and have you wondering if God still cares. Rest assured he certainly does care!

Do you feel that you have faith, but for some reason
have never seen miracles?

Everyone knows someone who’s in need of physical, emotional or mental healing. Yet most people who aren’t educated or experienced with the will of God, seem lost and often unsure if their prayers will even be answered. Is there anything you can do to prepare yourself (or someone else) for a healing?

In this new, powerful book, Dr. Fred Childs explains a paradox; why some people are healed and others are not. Child’s himself has experienced and seen hundreds of miracles of every kind like tumors, asthma, neck injuries, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, all cured by a loving God.

Take a look…


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