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A Few Things To Know About People Before You Use Them In Ministry - Articles -

A Few Things To Know About People Before You Use Them In Ministry

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  1. They are not perfect. It’s true that if you wait for people to become perfect, you may be waiting a long time.  There is nothing wrong with exercising your own faith and begin using people before they are 100% ready to be used.
  2. They will need your help. Don’t expect them to know all that you know.  Sit down with them and one on one, explain to them how to do what it is you want them to do.  Give them details of what you expect and guidelines on how to do it.
  3. They need someone to tell them they can do it.  Most of the people who come into our churches have been beaten down by the world.  They need someone to believe in them.  The very fact that you believe in them will cause them to do things for God that they never thought they were capable of.
  4. They will make mistakes.  You’ve made yours, let them make theirs.  Give them room for grace and forgiveness.  Let them know that a mistake is not necessarily an end, but rather a place to learn.
  5. They are not mind readers.  Don’t expect them to just know what it is you want them to know.  Talk to them.  Communicate it to them.  Send them memos, emails and leave messages.
  6. They want to succeed.  Nobody wants to fail.  Give them every chance to succeed.  Don’t give them a job that is way over their head.  Give them small tasks at first and work them into the ministry you want them to have.
  7. They want to please God and their Pastor.  When they have done well…”Tell Them!”  Remember, they are not getting paid to do what it is they are doing.  They are volunteering for one reason…they want to please their God and their Pastor.  They are doing what it s because they want to please you.  Let them know when they succeed in doing that.
  8. They can be a huge blessing to your ministry.  If you will begin seeing people as potential there is no limit to the effects of your ministry.  Empower them to come alongside you.  When you do, you lift yourself up higher.  Don’t be afraid to give people room to grow.  When they do, it will be to your benefit.
  9. They don’t want to block for someone who constantly drops the ball.  Don’t get people all pumped up and then drop the ball.  Once momentum is built up, KEEP IT GOING!  Follow Through!

By James Smith


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