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A Few Good Things To Know About People

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  1. Showing your compassionate and caring nature will aid you in forging successful relationships.
  2. When you extinguish hope, you create desperation.
  3. Remember that your followers generally want to believe that what they do is their own idea and, more importantly, that it genuinely makes a difference.
  4. If you practice dictatorial leadership, you prepare yourself to be dictated to.
  5. Delegate responsibility and authority by empowering people to act on their own.
  6. When you make it to the top, turn and reach down for the person behind you.
  7. You must be consistently fair and decent in both the business and personal side of life.
  8. Never add the weight of your character to a charge against a person without knowing it to be true.
  9. Never crush a man out, thereby making him and his friends permanent enemies of your organization.
  10. Remember: Your organization will take on the personality of its top leader.
  11. It’s not entirely safe to allow a misrepresentation to go uncontradicted.
  12. Remember that truth is generally the best vindication against slander.
  13. Do the very best you know how – the very best you can – keep doing so until the end.
  14. Make consistency one of the main cogs in the machinery of your corporation.
  15. Remember that it is not best to swap horses when crossing streams.
  16. Avoid major conflict in the form of quarrels and arguments. You simply don’t have time for it.
  17. If you are a good leader, when your work is done, your aim fulfilled, your people will say, “We did it ourselves.’
  18. Try not to feel insecure or threatened by your followers.
  19. Let disputing parties work out their differences by bringing them together and guiding their dialogue
  20. When your subordinates come up with good ideas, let them go ahead and try, but monitor their progress.
  21. Those leaders who achieve something at the head of one group will eclipse those who do nothing at the head of a hundred.
  22. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.
  23. When the occasion is piled high with difficulty, rise with it.
  24. Think anew and act anew.
  25. Don’t lose confidence in your people when they fail.
  26. If you never try, you’ll never succeed.
  27. Remember that the best leaders never stop learning.
  28. Remember that there will be times when you should simply not speak. Say to your listeners: “Kindly let me be silent.”
  29. Loyalty is more often won through private conversation than in any other way.
  30. Remember, everyone likes a compliment.

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