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12 Fatal Church Leadership Errors

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The 1st Fatal Error:  No Clearly Defined Mission or Purpose

If people do not know and can’t offer a simple explanation to the questions, “Why do we exist, and what are we here to do?” they will not pour themselves into your lack of purpose indefinitely.

The 2nd Fatal Error: The Wrong Organizational Structure

God designed every land dwelling creature over 7 inches in length to have a skeletal structure to overcome the downward pull of gravity. However the structure must always fit the purpose of the creature. You cannot do the work of the Church with an antiquated structure designed by yesterday’s business world. The Church is physical and spiritual, and its structure must fit God’s designed purpose. 

The 3rd Fatal Error: Using a Shotgun to Hit a Distant Target

If you place a target 150 yards away and shoot at it with a shotgun then hitting the target becomes accidental. If you want to intentionally hit the target every time use a rifle with a scope. Your vision and supporting actions must be focused and intentional.

The 4th Fatal Error: Containment

The best way to kill a church is to keep it contained in the four walls. Don’t let the message out, don’t advertise, and don’t give to outside ministries. Stay away from media markets for telecasting services. Keep the people submitted and never release their ministries. Death will eventually come to such a church, but very few people will ever even hear about it.

The 5th Fatal Error: The Absence of a Fully Functional 5-fold Ministry

An apostolic Church cannot exist without apostolic ministry. The question is not do all of the 5-fold ministries exist today, but rather do you have all 5-fold ministries impacting the Church? The answer needs to be “yes” or “seeking it” and the alternative is to drift further from the Biblical order of Church leadership.

The 6th Fatal Error: A Lack of Movement

Every individual from the newest guest to the oldest believer should be in forward movement as the Church replicates after its kind. Discipleship and ministry are processes. Non-movement leads to atrophy and accelerates death.

The 7th Fatal Error: Single Leader Control

Single leader churches are very limited in their potential, especially if control is an issue. God never leads His people by control, intimidation, manipulation, or fear. Everyone needs a level of accountability. There is only one Kingdom that matters and it belongs to God. We exist to serve.

The 8th Fatal Error: The Absence of Succession Plans

As time allows, every church should develop succession plans not just for the pastor but also for every position of leadership. Transition and change is a way of life. The Church must be built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the apostles; the rest of us will come and go. Plan for transition well in advance of the need.

The 9th Fatal Error: Poor Stewardship

Faith without works is dead, so work on being a good steward of the finances, talents, gifts, resources, facilities, and people. Remember, when God took the talent away from the man that buried it He then gave it to the man that had already doubled his five talents to ten.

The 10th Fatal Error: Disunity

You cannot reach your highest potential with division in the body. Division is not simply about having ought against one another, but it is also about division of vision, purpose, action, and such. If you research the Book of Acts, great things happened when the early church was in one mind, one accord, and united. Whatever you do, do it with all of your united might.

The 11th Fatal Error: Failing to Release

You will never reach your potential for blessing as a church body until you see the bigger picture and value of the Kingdom of God. Prepare people to send forth into the harvest at home and abroad. If you do, then God will continually entrust you with more and more.

The 12th Fatal Error: Lack of Originality

The fastest way to miss the mark is to emulate (copy) what every other church is doing. Search the scriptures and the Spirit and do what you must do to reach your vision. Your structure must originate from your unique purpose.

By Dr. Fred Childs



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