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10 Traits to identify a promising person

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10 Traits to identify a promising person

  1. Leadership in the past. The best predictor of the future is the past.
  2. The capacity to create or catch vision. When I talk to people about the future, I want their eyes to light up. I want them to ask the right questions.
  3. A constructive spirit of discontent. Some people would call this criticism, but there’s a big difference in being constructively discontent and being critical. The unscratchable itch is always in the leader.
  4. Practical Ideas. Not everybody with practical ideas is a leader, of course, but leaders seem to be able to identify which are and which aren’t.
  5. A willingness to take responsibility. Leaders will bear work, for the feeling of contributing to other people is what leadership is all about.
  6. A completion factor. In the military, it is called “completed staff work.” The half-cooked meal isn’t what you want.
  7. Mental toughness. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. I don’t want a mean leader; I don’t want a tough leader.
  8. Peer respect. Peer respect doesn’t reveal ability, but can show character and personality.
  9. Family respect. The family’s feelings toward someone reveal much about his or her potential to lead.
  10. A quality that makes people listen to them. Potential leaders have a “holding court” quality about them. When they speak, people listen.



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