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10 Steps To A Balanced Ministry

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Ministry is an occupation where balance is often hard to find.  While others punch a clock and work only one job, the minister is often times required to wear multiple hats and even work a secular job as well.    Here are 10 points to consider to discover balance for your life and ministry.

Stay focused

Your dedication to what God has called you to do will require stringent concentration.  There are going to be many opportunities for you to become distracted.  Stay Focused.  Remain prayerful and know that God has called you to a work because of your uniqueness and giftedness. 

Create written goals

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals are accomplished best when they are written down.  Writing down your goals will give you a constant daily reminder of what you are trying to achieve.   Something as simple as a daily list of things to do, is also a list of written goals. 

Make plans – Build a bridge

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?  Plan for it to happen.  Wishing and hoping will not accomplish your life’s goals.  You have to make it happen.  You can do this by building a bridge from where you are to where you want to go.  This is called a plan.  Once you have a plan, you start at the beginning and work your way through it until you reach your goal.  Stop wishing and make a plan.  Then work that plan.

Ask for help

You are not the only genius in your church.  God has placed some people around you, who if you will begin to enable them, will make your job a lot easier.  If you try to do it all yourself, your church will never grow.  Spend your time working your plan through other people.  Have you ever heard the expression “Other People’s Money” when it comes to investing money?  Well, “Other People’s Time and Talents needs to be the expression we adopt in the church.  Enable, entrust and employ the people in your church to help you accomplish your goals.

Mentor others

Chances are, you are going to have to mentor some of the people in your church.  In order to do that, you are going to have to create opportunities for that mentoring to happen.  Host dinners, teach classes, spend time one on one.  Do what you have to do to create opportunities to mentor the people around you.  The more you do, the more equipped they will become to help you realize your ministries goals & objectives.

Work yourself out of a job

Seriously!  Your job is not to do all the work.  Your job is to find people to do the work so you can go in the next direction God wants to lead you.  Working yourself out of a job is going to take vision, dedication and some great people management skills.  It’s a job all by itself.  Stop taking out the trash and spend your time mentoring others to do the work of ministry.

Rest as often as you can

Even Jesus did this.  There were times that even He stepped away from the crowds to pray.  It’s ok to have your own escape now and then.  You need this.  If you don’t you will burn out.  There is nothing uglier than a preacher with burn out.  It usually does not end well for him, his family or the church he ministers to.  Take time for yourself.  Go to bed and get proper sleep.  Even when you are swamped with meetings and activities, steal away every now and then for a few moments to yourself. 

Put your family first

Winning the world and losing your family is not God’s will for your ministry.  You may need to slow down your ministry to keep up with your family.  God’s will is not for your family to be lost as the result of you having a successful ministry.  Spend quality time with your spouse and children.  They are the first people God has given you to minister to. 

No guilt

Don’t feel guilty for the times you have to pull away from your ministry to be with family or work your job.  Guilt will rob you of the joy of being with the family that God has blessed you with.  It’s important to realize that God understands your humanity as well as your earthly obligations. 

You may not get it all done

It is doubtful that any Man of God who is capable of a great vision will ever see that vision completely fulfilled.  We are all scaffold.  Someone else will build upon the ministries that we spend our lives developing.  Trust God that He will complete the work he has used you to start.   Stand back and admire what you have accomplished for the Kingdom, whether it’s completed or not…


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