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God Uses Ordinary People

John 6:1-14

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We have all heard the, what has now become clich?, scriptures that people quote for encouragement, but how many of us still truly believe that God can use us? Throughout the bible, time and time again, God has used ordinary people to do extraordinary things and I can guarantee that the majority of those who were used never thought they would reach the heights God brought them to. In this series, “God Uses Ordinary People,” we are reaffirmed, through His Word, that God can use us in a mighty way and are shown some specific occasions were God did something magnificent by using one of his faithful followers.

Sermons In This Series

Ordinary People - The Lad With The Lunch

John 6:1-14

Everyone has something to offer to God. If we will offer what we have to the Lord, He will bless it and multiply it beyond our greatest expectations! [ read more...]

Ordinary People - A Woman Of Samaria

John 4:9-30

The Lord gave us an example in witnessing by the way He dealt with the woman of Samaria. The woman received salvation and became an effective witness. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - The Syrophenician Woman

Matthew 15:21-28

The Syrophenician woman is an example of an earnest, determined seeker. She would not be discouraged and the Lord held her up as an example of great faith. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Esther-Woman of Intercession

Esther 4:8-16

In every age, God needs intercessors to feel the need of the lost and cry out to Him on their behalf. Esther, after being inspired by Mordecai, fulfilled this role in her day. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Mary of Bethany-Worship

Luke 10:38-42

Serving God involves activity and worship. Both are needed for balance. Jesus commended Mary because she was ready to worship with humility. [ read more...]

Ordinary People - Ananias-Sensitivity

Acts 9:10-18

God desires men and women who are sensitive to His Spirit. In Ananias He found such a man who was in touch and in tune with the Lord. [ read more...]

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Surprisingly, one of the biggest topics talked about in the bible is money. Money is both a blessing and a curse to Christians, because it gives us the opportunity to put more faith in God and it also gives us the opportunity to take our faith away from God. In this series, “Breaking Out Of The Debt Trap,” our minds are challenged to think in terms of ‘God’s economics.’ Is there a greater way for God to test our faith in Him than asking for us to give back, or hold back, a little of what’s already his? [ read more... ]

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