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love-in-deedBy Jeff Arnold

There is no doubt that our God walked among us in the body of Jesus not only to deliver, but demonstrate that God is Love. Various miracles were done not just to spare folks in trouble, but to reveal just how much God loved these poor, impacted folks.

Most of us usually read into, “By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love one for another to mean; be forgiving, be kind and what have you. I wonder if there is not a much greater meaning to it, that deeds done to deliver folks become revelations of love? Signs and wonders reveal the loving nature of God, not just teaching of right doctrine, Truth must be told, but miracles will tell anyone that God loves them. When we live Miracle-Free lives, we steal from God the revelation that is needed to convince people that not only is He alive, but that He cares and still works wonders, so Life can be tasted.

I read once that Power is costly, but a powerless church is more costly, for that group leaves mankind sick and lost. We must position ourselves before His Throne and ask for a fresh encounter that will give us the power to do His work and will. Our job has not stopped, we must plunder Hell and then populate Heaven, anything less is failure to be who we should be and do what we have been saved to do. The early church went everywhere preaching Jesus and then Jesus confirmed that word with signs and wonders. I for one, am very weary with not seeing the Glory of God working among us in a level that cannot be explained, it just must be EXPERIENCED.

The Earth is still waiting and groaning for the manifestation of the songs of God, which surely means: the same mission and miracles must continue, or the lost world will be robbed of the very thing that God wants them to taste. Ask God to put a very desperate hunger inside you until something SUPERNATURAL EXPLODES within all of us.


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